Silicon Carbide vs Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seal

Tungsten carbide mechanical seals had been the preferred thing for several years. However, in recent times, they have been replaced by a strong competitor, silicon carbide seal faces. What could be the secret of this change of preference? Well, it is because of some prominent benefits.

It does not mean that tungsten carbide seal faces have become obsolete. There are many applications where only Tungsten seal faces can work.

This blog, not just rates rate a particular type of seal face higher to the other, but it gives a comprehensive analysis of the two. Thus, a user may pick the most suitable seals for the application.

What is the primary reason for installing a seal? It is to keep the pollutants away and increase their life.

The seal has two parts- one stationary and one rotating. The rotating or stationary part is made from either of the two materials that is used in the seal.

Silicon Carbide and Tungsten Carbide seals- a comparison

  • The coefficient of friction in a silicon carbide seal is lower. Hence, the seal wastes lesser energy and prevents the seal from locking up when it is inactive.
  • Silicon carbide seal is harder than tungsten carbide. It makes the seal face scratch resistant. The wear is minimal.
  • Silicon carbide is far more thermal conductive than silicon carbide. Also, it has a low thermal expansion. Therefore, the distortion is also less.
  • Silicon carbide is less corrosion resistant. In most of the applications, it performs better from a corrosion resistance aspect.
  • As far as the user standpoint is concerned, the manufacturing of Silicon carbide is at high volume. Therefore, its price is cheaper,and the lead time is shorter than a tungsten carbide seal.

As a hard face in the majority of the seal applications, silicon carbide outperforms tungsten carbide. With its tribological properties, it offers a lower coefficient of friction and long life.

A silicon carbide seal with a silicon carbide impregnated with graphite will be effective in extreme pumping conditions such as heavy slurry. It brings higher corrosion and abrasion resistance. It checks heat and offers lower resistance to face damage.

The tribological properties can be further enhanced when you match the silicon carbide with silicon carbide and impregnated graphite.

These comparisons are based on the widespread industrial usage experience and research. However, you should ask experts for the best suitable seal before buying one because every situation offers different challenges.

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