Multi Spring Reverse Balanced Mechanical Seals (LPS-105-RB ) & Multi Spring Balanced Mechanical Seals ( LPS-101-B)

LPS-105-RB series is multiple springs externally mounted reverse balanced Mechanical Seal designed with “O” ring as secondary sealing member suitable for various applications which are being pumped moderate & high pressure. This seal is used in wide service applications with various seal faces & elastomers, this seal can also be used for corrosive services as the metallic components does not come in direct contact with media to be sealed. This seal can also be installed in double back to back arrangement as internal seal, though the pressure of the barrier fluid goes down this seal will not allow the process fluid to mix with barrier fluid, hence it’s called a reverse balanced seal, this seal is offered for wide range of application as below :

Material of Construction:

Seal Faces: (Dynamic & Stationary Ring)

Carbon, Ceramic (99.5%), Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide

Secondary Seal:

Viton, Silicon, NBR, PTFE, GFT, TCV

Hardware & Spring:

SS 316, SS 304, Hastelloy-C, Monel, Alloy -20


  • Acid & acidic atmosphere
  • General & light chemicals
  • Extremely corrosive services

Seal Characteristics:

  • Single acting
  • Outside mounted
  • Reverse balanced
  • Independent of direction of rotation

Operating Parameter:

  • Shaft diameter : 25 mm to 100 mm (1” to 4.0”)
  • Pressure : Up to 25 bar (kg/cm²)
  • Temperature : -45°C to 200°C
  • Shaft Speed : Up to 3000 RPM



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