PTFE Molded Products

TTV / TCV O Rings and PTFE Molded Products

We are manufacturer and exporter high quality PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene ) Products such as Extruded Rods, Tubes, Molded Rods, Bushes, Sheets, Skived Sheets, Thin wall tubing Gland packing& Machined Components as per customer’s specification & drawing by a special process. Our products widely used in chemical process, petrochemical sectors, electrical industry, pharmaceutical industry, Textile, Paper, Sugar Mills, Automobile industry & OEM.

TTV (Teflon-O-Rings) / TCV (Teflon Coated Viton)  is double PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene ) encapsulated “O” rings of the type used in mechanical seals and many more industrial equipments for chemical and thermal resistance. PTFE O-Rings outperform sealing made from most other plastics. This is mainly due to their outstanding endurance of temperature ranges from (-184C to 290C) and known resistance to highly corrosive gases and chemicals, even with long-term exposure. PTFE has very little mechanical backbone and O-Rings will creep and take a compression set if not contained when placed under a load. When installing, care should be taken to avoid nicking or gouging by stretching over threads or sharp shoulders. Provide corner breaks or radii if possible, or use tools to lead rings over sharp areas.

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