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PTFE/Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seals – We are one of the best ptfe bellows mechanical seal manufacturers, manufacturing optimal teflon bellow seal. Being one of the top teflon bellow mechanical seal suppliers, manufacturers and exporter of the multiple types of ptfe bellows seal and teflon bellow seal, we offer the bellow seal manufactured and designed of exceedingly high quality raw materials.

We provide both the teflon bellow mechanical seals or the ptfe bellows mechanical seals with very high quality. The ptfe bellows seal or teflon bellow seal are straightforward to install and very simple to remove.

Being the top ptfe bellows seal or teflon bellow seal manufacturers, we also manufacture best metal bellow seal, rubber bellow mechanical seal, dry running single and double mechanical seal, mechanical seal for agitator and also provide rotary joints manufacturing as being leading mechanical seals manufacturers in India.

LPS-151, LPS-151-R & LPS-155-S

LPS-151, LPS-151-R & LPS-155-S series are specially designed PTFE (Teflon) bellow Mechanical Seals for light & extremely corrosive chemicals including concentrated acids, salts, strong oxidising, reducing agents and chemically active organic compounds. These seals are independent of direction of rotation, these seals are externally mounted with easy installation procedure, these seals can be offered in composite & replaceable faces version. All the components which come in contact with media to be sealed are made of chemically inert materials, metallic components, clamp ring and springs are located outside of the pump’s stuffing box so does not come in direct contact of fluid, these seals are comfortable to use in wide range of application as below:

PTFE/Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seals

Material of Construction:

Seal Faces: (Dynamic & Stationary Ring)

Carbon, Ceramic (99.5%), GFT, CFT, Silicon Carbide

Secondary Seal:

PTFE (Teflon) Bellow, Gasket

Hardware & Spring:

SS 316, SS 304, Monel, Alloy-20, Hastelloy-C, Spring covered by PTFE (Teflon) tube


  • Acid & acidic fluids
  • General & light chemicals
  • Extremely corrosive services

Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seals Manufacturer

PTFE Bellow Mechanical Seals Supplier

PTFE/Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seals Characteristics:

  • Single acting
  • Outside mounted
  • Single helical coil spring design
  • Independent of direction of rotation

Operating Parameter:

  • Shaft diameter : 19 mm to 100 mm (0.75” to 4.0”)
  • Pressure : Up to 10 bar (kg/cm²)
  • Temperature : -30°C to 120°C
  • Shaft Speed : Up to 3000 RPM

Series: LPS-151 type seals are designed with GFT/CFT seal faces and highly flexible PTFE Bellow.

Series: LPS-151-R seals are designed with replaceable dynamic ring, this permits easy removal & replacement of the ring.

Series: LPS-155-S seals are developed with single helical coil spring covered by PTFE tube for extremely corrosive chemicals.

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