Difference between Cartridge and Non Cartridge Mechanical Seal

The Difference between Cartridge and Non Cartridge Mechanical Seal

What should be considered while choosing a mechanical seal type? There are several aspects- the cost of installation, characteristics of the pump, long-term running cost, and the anticipated cost of operation.

As far as seal types are concerned, there are two types of seals- cartridge type and non-cartridge type.

This blog explains to you their difference, benefits, and disadvantages.

Cartridge Mechanical Seal

A cartridge seal is typically an enclosed type of seal system that has preassembled components. In a pre-assembly, you have a gland, sleeve, and other hardware components. This seal system is easy to install. You do not need a specialist or technically skilled person for that.

Since the seal is pre-assembled with fix axial settings, there are no measuring errors. The functional security is also high. Experts praise it for less possibility of axial displacement. There are hardly any performance issues in a cartridge seal.

The design prevents the entry of dirt inside the seal faces.  Hence, you need not worry about seal damage due to dirt.

Reduced installation time results in reduced installation cost and reduced downtime for maintenance. The repair time of the cartridge seal is also less.

Customer shaft and shaft sleeve are well-protected. You do not need custom-made shaft to operate it because there is an internal shaft sleeve.

The disadvantages of a cartridge seal are high initial cost and additional space requirement.

Non-cartridge Mechanical Seal

Non-cartridge seal has two separate stationary and dynamic parts. Here, component seals are not preassembled. You need skilled technicians to install it.

If the installation of any of the components, i.e., seal face, O-ring, or seal axial setting on the shaft is there, then the seal life reduces. Even it causes an immediate seal failure sometimes.

Still, these seals have several benefits. Non-cartridge-type mechanical seals are less expensive. Hence, the initial cost of purchase is less. Since there are individual parts, you can stock them independently and not the entire seal. It results in reduced spare part cost.

It is adaptable to small pumps easily.

As far as disadvantages are concerned, the non-cartridge seal is more susceptible to damage. The entire seal is not encased within secure housings here. There are exposed parts that can get damaged easily during installation or transportation.

Also, non-cartridge type seals need precise measurement while installation. Else, there is a risk of seal failure. Installation of a non-cartridge seal is time-consuming. It needs more operator time.

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