How To Reduce Mechanical Seal Water Usage?

Mechanical seals are widely used in the fluid application. One of the prerequisites of proper working of mechanical seal is constant lubrication and cooling. Water is the commonest means to achieve cooling.

It keeps the seal faces lubricated. However, when the seals use excessive water for cooling, it is not just an operational issue, but it increases cost as well.

How to reduce water consumption?

Well, there are several ways of doing that, but you need the best one.

Installation of a complete monitoring and control solution is a good option. Thus, you can control the water flow and pressure in the mechanical seals. You can predetermine and reduce seal water consumption.

It can predict packing and seal failures before they occur.

How does the monitoring system?

The monitoring system is incorporated into a single mechanical seal or packaging system. There are regulating valves to control the flow and pressure of water. The valves are completely controllable and adjustable b the user.

You can see the flow and pressure of water on the flow rate indicator. Thus, it is possible to run the system within the permissible limits and maximum efficiency level.

Benefits of using control and monitoring system

When one uses the system, it not just controls the water usage in mechanical seals but brings several other benefits as well.

  • It controls the pressure and flow of the water.
  • It predetermines and reduces the maximum seal water consumption.
  • It predicts packing failure and seal failure.
  • There is no downtime needed for cleaning of seals.
  • You save cost on downtime and maintenance of mechanical seal.

By using a monitoring system, it is possible to detect and locate seal water line issues also.

Nowadays, the systems are available with alarm and alert systems. Thus, water consumption doesn’t go beyond permissible limits.

It is inevitable to use water in a mechanical seal. However, the monitoring system can bring it up to the minimum level.

Though there is some cost associated with it, the benefits are more. Therefore, it is a profitable proposition.

You have to search for the best monitoring system for the mechanical seal in the specific application. It extends the life of the seal, keeps the flow under control, and maintains proper pressure in the seal.

You need to call some experts and get help for picking the best monitoring system to keep seal water usage as low as possible.

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