Image - How to Extend the Life of Mechanical Seal?

Though mechanical seal is a small component, it plays a crucial role in the failure and success of the pumping system.

A poor seal selection may cause damage to the system. Therefore, it is essential to choose a proper seal for long-lasting, reliable performance.

No matter the application, you always need a lubricating film wherever there is a sealing interface. If the film is too thick, then there are chances of percolation between the faces. It will lead to further wear due to abrasion.

If the film is too thin, then it will generate heat and degrade the material.

To promote long life of the seal; the sealing interface has to be kept clean and cool.

Here are some factors that will extend the life of a mechanical seal.

  • Seal design

The design of it decides the longevity of a seal.For example, in an application where the heavy slurry is used, the seal design should withstand the erosive impact. Thus, the seal faces will remain intact.

Many seal manufacturers make special seals for slurry applications. They are made from heavy-duty material. Improved seal design improves the durability.

  • Restriction Bushings

Due to the process pressure, particle-filled fluid goes into the sealing interface and cause abrasion and wear.

To avoid this; restriction bushing is used.

The use of restriction bushing separates the mechanical seal from the harsh process. It is more useful in applications that pump slurry mixture.

When the seals remain secure from the abrasive slurry mixture, they last long.

  • Flushing plan

When the seal faces get worn due to abrasives, seal flushing is quite useful. It keeps things moving in the stuffing box. It avoids stagnation and accumulation of solids.

To keep the mechanical seal in the pink of its health, the selection of the seal should be proper. And it is also important to take care of the pump and its inner parts.

When poor operating conditions due to cavitation, improperly aligned shafts, bad bearings or too much impeller load hamper mechanical seals, they get damaged.

A pump running under such conditions will generate more heat and give a higher opportunity for abrasives to enter the sealing interface. Thus, it is a chain reaction.

You need to take adequate measures to avoid this situation.

Mechanical seals are important in industrial processes. It is possible to get relentless and trouble-free performance if the components like mechanical seals are maintained well.

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