Installation of Split Mechanical Seal

Mechanical seals have several configurations. Each one has different advantages and disadvantages.

It is a device that contains fluid in the vessel where a rotating shaft passes through the housing. The housing is stationary, or it rotates around a shaft.

The vessel can be a pump, mixer, or agitator. What is the purpose of using a mechanical seal? It allows the shaft to rotate without allowing a large amount of fluid to escape freely.

What is a split mechanical seal?

It is called a split seal because the seal comes in two separate pieces. These pieces can be installed or removed from around the shaft.

In the split seal, every component is literally cut into half and then assembled on the pump without the need to remove the bearings or motor.

You need not disassemble the equipment. When you join the two faces, it is essential to mate the sealing elements so that proper sealing establishes around the shaft.

Use of the split mechanical seal

When do you use a split mechanical seal?  It is widely used in equipment with large sized shafts, double-suction pumps, vertical shaft pumps, and side-entry mixers and agitators.

If there is a common component seal, then you need to remove end bearings, the motor coupling and motor to replace the same. It needs more effort, more time, and more money.

A split mechanical seal is free from all such hassles.  Seal replacement is a matter of a few minutes in this case.

Benefits of split seals

When split seals are installed, the applications get several benefits. The installation time required is less. The sleeve wear also reduces. The reliability goes up.

You save money on installation and maintenance activities.

Though the initial cost for installing a split mechanical seal is high, it gets compensated due to its operational benefits in the long run.

The savings are far higher than the expenses. Hence, it is an economically feasible and suitable option. You need less labor, and the downtime also drops significantly.

The benefits of split mechanical seals make them popular as compared to other seals. However, there is a word of caution. Split seals are not recommended for applications where leakage or emission is a threat to the people working in the company.

Hence, it is very much important to asses the requirement first. Split seals are the problem solvers in all aspects. Install them to reap the best benefits.

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