Know about Cartridge Seals

Seals are alternative to packing in a mechanical device. There has been a tremendous improvement in the face material and elastomer selection to make seal a far more superior choice. Among several types of seals, a cartridge seal has become the preferred variety because of its unique characteristics.

Before we understand that, let’s learn something about a cartridge seal.

A cartridge seal is a self-contained unit. It has a shaft sleeve, gland plate, and of course, the seal. It is designed in such a manner that the installation errors get minimized. Since the seal is presented on the shaft sleeve of its own, the damage caused to the pump by the conventional seal nullifies.

Cartridge seal has many plus points:

  • It prevents installation errors
  • It reduces stopping time
  • It prevents damage to other pump elements
  • It reduces energy consumption
  • It needs no re-tightening or frequent maintenance

In the cartridge seal, there is a single unit, which has all the elements- the sleeve, seal face, spring, gaskets, O-rings, setting clips, fixing screws, and so on.

You can set the seal axially or radially in the perfect position using the setting clips while you assemble it. The fixing is quite easy. Just use the set screws and studs and nuts. Fix them using the fixing slots given on the seal flange.

They are modular in nature. It means you can use the same seal type in a variety of pumps.

Uses and applications of cartridge seals

Due to their versatility and flexibility, these seals are popularly used in a variety of industrial applications. A few are mentioned below:

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Pulp and other industry
  • Food industry
  • Varnish and paint industry
  • Cosmetic and pharma industry
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Naval industry

Points to ponder while buying cartridge seals

The unit has to be in the perfect working condition when you use a cartridge seal. Thus, you minimize future issues like leakage after installing a seal. You should check the status of the bearing. Is it within the tolerance limit? Is the shaft straight? The impeller has to be well-balanced and there are no effects of cavitation.

The biggest benefit of installing a cartridge seal is that it offers a level of standardization. It hardly matters what OEM machine you are using the seal for.

Also, there is no drop in the performance of the component when you shift to cartridge seal from any other type of seals.

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