Harsh Environments for Seals

As the title suggests, harsh applications can sometimes be challenging, which is why one requires high-quality seals that can withstand any and every kind of condition.

What are Harsh Environments for Seals?

Speaking of Harsh Environments, these kinds of Environments are the ones that call into question or challenge the device or the equipment. It tests the equipment’s time of handling the harshness and how much one can rely on it.

Some of the factors or ingredients of a Harsh Environment include Dust, Dirt, Moisture, Steam, Heat, etc. These are the same factors that are involved in the oil, gas, and ethanol industries. These ingredients come to activation and can spoil the sealing valves, and that is why It is suggested to use seals that can withstand any number of hazards without breaking or getting disturbed from its place.

Diverse Categories of Seals

With rotating equipment, seals can be categorized into two types: Process seals and Oil Seals. Before moving forward, let’s have a look at the fundamental purpose of Process seals and Oil Seals.

A) Process Seals: They are the ones that prevent the fluid pumped in the pump and also restrain it from going out of the pump. It also helps prevent the fluid from going towards the end of the system. Process seals also come in various types for different kinds of equipment – packing, mechanical seals, lip seals, and magnetic face seals.

B) Oils Seals: They do the same job as process seals but help prevent contamination of the environment by sealing the lubrication.

Seals have so many applications, and thus it’s imperative to choose the perfect Seal for every kind of condition. Often, when a seal fails to seal or stop a particular thing, people tend to blame the Seal for breaking. But not every time it’s the Seal. Sometimes, before questioning the Seal, you need to see if the Seal was for the true purpose or application.

Key Takeaways

So, always make sure to opt for seals according to their applications or the use you are going to apply across its life. This scenario will increase the performance and overall life span of the seal.

Breakage in seals can result in a lot of loss, both monetary and machinery. Hence, seals must withstand all kinds of hazards to stop any type of contamination or breakage.

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