Mechanical seal or pump packing which option is more viable for your application depends on the needs of your pumps, what kind of liquid you are pumping and in what type of environment your pump is operating.

Here we will discuss the two sealing solutions, Mechanical seals and Pump packing, and we will compare their pros and cons to find which is better for your application.

Difference between Mechanical Seal and Pump Packing

A) Mechanical Seal:

A mechanical seal is a perfect option for applications where leakage cannot be afforded. It offers a safer working environment, less bearing failure, and no shaft sleeve damage from packing.

Mechanical Seals are suitable for transferring hazardous liquids like petroleum or any chemicals. It comes in a wide range of variety and configurations, so before you choose, make sure to consult an expert to know precisely which Mechanical seal will suit your application needs.


  1. Reliable: Correctly chosen and installed mechanical seals minimize the shaft damage compared to pump packing, making it reliable in a long span of time.
  2. Less frequent maintenance: As compared to pump packing, mechanical seals are almost maintenance-free. They save time and reduce breakdowns.
  3. No leakage: One of the significant advantages of a mechanical seal is that it eliminates almost all leakage problems in the shaft, which makes it perfect for toxic and expensive applications.


  1. It works under constant pressure and temperature, and that can cause wear and tear.
  2. It requires more downtime during repairs because the pump has to be taken out for the replacement of mechanical seals.
  3. Has to maintain proper lubrication to avoid dry runs.

2) Pump Packing:

The old traditional way of making the gap between pump and shafts leakage proof is done by stuffing braided or fibrous material rings like PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene or Teflon), graphited or graphited or non-graphited acrylic, etc.

It is still in use and a popular method used by industries because it’s simple, easy to install, and cheap. However, in the long run, Pump packing can prove to be a costly take as it requires frequent regular maintenance and allows more product leakage than mechanical seals.


  1. Cheap option: Packing has low up-front cost than mechanical seals as it is made of soft non-mental materials.
  2. Easy installation: It does not require decoupling of the drive shaft as Pump packing can be done quickly but stuffing packing material between pump and shaft gap.
  3. Simple Maintenance: In cases of the breakdown of pump packing, the maintenance is straightforward and quick. It minimizes the operation downtime.


  1. More Leakage: With Pump packing, it’s impossible to be 100% leakage proof it can cause working hazards, and it’s not suitable for liquids that are expensive, explosive, or toxic.

2. Constant repair and maintenance: Packing requires frequent attention to check on its wear and tear, which costs time and money.


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