We at LEAK-PACK believe that innovation and persistence is the key to developing the best seal designs to meet the precise demands of our clientele. As the leading mechanical seal suppliers in Bangladesh, we focus on rendering the best quality products.

Our teams have designed different seals like bellow seals, reactor seals, and split seals. The company’s journey began from a manufacturing plant in Gujarat, and soon we became the major exporters of seals like labyrinth seals, agitator seals, carbon floating ring seals, pump seals, etc., to countries like Bangladesh. It is our primary market, and we are dealing with several organizations.

Our commitment to maintaining product quality and rendering the best customer service makes us a significant player in the industry. Also, we keep our pricing reasonable to deliver the best buying experience and maintain long-term business relationships with our clients. Our team of specialists has years of experience in mechanical seal types, and therefore, they develop products after understanding the requirements, which leads to the best results.


  • Metal bellow mechanical seals: This is our bestseller category in Bangladesh. The finest seals are made of high-quality material. Our products render flexibility and produce better results when compared to the use of springs in the machinery. They withstand high temperatures and are easy to install and maintain.
  • PTFE/Teflon bellow mechanical seals: We are the leading Teflon bellow seal manufacturers and suppliers. These are specifically designed for machines involving highly corrosive liquids and acids. These are usually mounted externally and are the best and most effective seal type.
  • Rubber bellow mechanical seals: Rubber bellow seals are in demand in the Bangladesh seal market. These are very effective in rotating equipment and centrifugal pumps where water is involved, and leakage needs to be prevented.
  • Dry running mechanical seals: These are extensively used in food and pharmaceutical companies. The externally mounted seals allow reverse balance and can be easily installed in agitators, glass vessels, and mixers. It has multiple springs and is free rotating. As the name suggests, these seals do not require any lubricant to function.
  • Agitator seals: The agitator seals are of two types. One is the balanced/unbalanced single mechanical seals, and the other is the unbalanced double mechanical seals. We export both types to our clients in Bangladesh. The externally fitted seal can be either the bottom or top entry, depending on the type of machinery used by the manufacturer.
  • Rotary joints/unions: Our high-quality rotary union & spare joints are designed to meet varied needs and conditions. These have low torque, resulting in less wear and tear, enhancing the service life. The joints can be used in cold and hot water processes. The printing industry uses our rotary joints for high-speed processes.



Delivering quality products is our endeavour. Our teams pursue continuous improvement to achieve this, ensuring we evolve according to the changing industry needs. With new technology and machinery involved in all sectors, we believe up-gradation is the key to success. We have well-defined quality check norms to ensure that each product reaching our client is top-notch.


At, Leak-pack, we believe that the world standard product portfolio is the path to success. This is why we have developed seals in accordance with international standards, for example, EN 12756. Ours is an ISO 9001:2008 certified private limited company that instils assurance to organizations associated with us.


Our products are of the best quality, and our prices are competitive compared to other players in the segment. Our large-scale seal production lets us pass on the low-pricing benefits to our associates. Our manufacturing plant in Gujarat is vast, and our processes are streamlined with market demand. Thus, we assure buyers of on-time delivery without any hassles and at reasonable prices.


We are confident in our product offering and proficient services. However, we still believe in rendering the best sales experiences to all our customer base. This thrust helps us maintain a long-term relationship with our varied range of clientele. This even gives us an advantage and boost over other seal manufacturers in the marketplace.


The mechanical seal sector is growing, and businesses want to procure the best quality seals from a reliable manufacturer. This is because the seals have a crucial role to play. They prevent leakage of any liquid, chemical, or gas, which can have hazardous effects on people working in the plant or may affect the quality of the product being manufactured.

  • Innovative designs: Mechanical seals are complicated and call for expertise. They need to fit in perfectly to avoid any issues in the long run. Our professionals have designed seals for all types of processes. While some involve toxic gases or acidic liquids, others involve temperature fluctuations. Our seals are internally or externally mounted and made of different materials in accordance with the machine involved in the process.
  • High-quality products: Our products are made of the best raw materials. We ensure that every piece undergoes strict quality checks. Rubber, steel, spring, and all materials used are procured from the best suppliers.
  • Best client assistance: We believe in long-term associations; therefore, our experts are happy to assist if a company faces any issue with our seals. Even though our seals are easy to install, remove and maintain, our customer support system is responsive and provides the best possible solution quickly.
  • Practical cost estimates: Every business wants quality seals at reasonable prices, which is what we strive for. We aim to provide the best seal options at competitive costs compared to other seal manufacturers. This approach has helped us be the leaders in our industry.
  • International manufacturing standards: All our seal types are manufactured as per international standards and are certified. This helps our clients be aware that they are getting the perfect product for their manufacturing unit.
  • On-time delivery: Seals are a crucial part of any machinery, and businesses may get affected as machines cannot function without seals or faulty parts. Time is of the essence, so we put effort into delivering our products as promised. Quick service and on-time delivery are our priorities.


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