Centrifugal Pump

Procedure to install Mechanical Seal in a centrifugal Pump

What is a centrifugal pump? It uses the centrifugal force to push water through the hoses and plumbing system.

It has a shaft that spins at great speed and rotates an impeller. Due to the rotation of the impeller, centrifugal force generates, and vacuum is created.

Thus, water gets pulled in the pump with a tremendous force.

Behind the spinning impeller, a mechanical seal is positioned. It prevents water entering the electrical motor.

When qualified engineer replaces or installs the mechanical seal, he opens the pump system the removes the impeller from the shaft.

Material needed

The engineers come with a variety of tools to perform the installation or replacement of mechanical seals.

  • Wrench- to open the pump
  • PVC Saw-to cut the plumbing lines
  • PVC primer and glue- to fix PVC parts
  • Mechanical seal


  • First,engineer turns off the pump. It is critically important. He shuts off the breaker that supplies electricity to the pump.
  • He cuts the PVC plumbing and removes the pump to an area that is comfortable to work.
  • The bolts are unscrewed, and the motor is disconnected. The engineer uses wrench to perform this activity.
  • He removes the impeller by rotating it in the anticlockwise direction of the shaft.
  • He takes out the seal which is at the backside of the impeller.
  • He places the mechanical onto the shaft. Utmost care is taken while placing the seal. If it gets body oil on the seal face while sliding, then the seal may not function properly. The performance gets compromised due to the lubricant.
  • Once the seal is fixed, the engineer uses wrench to screw the impeller onto the motor shaft of the centrifugal pump. For this, he fixes the shaft, lines up all bolt holes and insert the bolts.
  • The pump ends are secured using the wrench.
  • Once it is done, the centrifugal pump is placed again, and plumbing is connected to it.
  • The engineer uses PVC glue and primer to fix the plumbing and seal the leakage if any.
  • The pump should not be used for at least 24 hours after replacing the mechanical seal. It allows the primer and glue to dry fully.

The procedure given here is a general procedure. To replace or install the mechanical seal; it is essential that the work is performed by some qualified engineer.

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