Best Suppliers of Mechanical Seals in India

Best Mechanical Seal Manufacturers in India 

Mechanical seals can save maintenance people an immense amount of time and money, but only if they’re installed correctly and properly cared for. The biggest benefit of using mechanical seals is the drastic reduction in leakage. There are many different Mechanical seals available in today’s market, but who are the best mechanical seals suppliers in India? Suppliers bring different varieties of styles and sizes to meet the requirements of different applications.

If you are looking for the Best Suppliers of Mechanical Seals in India, then the following list is best for you!

List of the Best Mechanical Seal Manufacturers in India 

John Crane is an American company, now a subsidiary of Smiths Group and a provider of engineered products and services including mechanical seals, couplings, hydro-dynamic bearings, seal support systems, filtration systems and artificial lift. The company services customers in the energy services sector including production, transmission and storage, refining, power generation, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and mining industries.

Beston Seals is a trusted name in the Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Mechanical Seals, Sealing Components & Seal Support Systems. It provides Mechanical Seals, Rotary Unions & Rotary Joints by serving the needs of Dyes & Chemicals, PVC film Industries, fertilizers Plants, Oil & Natural Gases, Solvent Extractions, Water Industries, Soap Industries, OEMs and many more.

EagleBurgmann India Pvt. Ltd. is the market leader in the mechanical seal industry in India, with over 40 years of rich experience. With its headquarters and main manufacturing location situated in Pune, it also has two other manufacturing locations in Mumbai and Vapi. It is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 for quality management systems and has successfully implemented environmental management systems and occupational management systems which are certified to ISO 14001:2009 and OHSAS 18001:2007 respectively.

The Flowserve Corporation is an American multinational corporation and one of the largest suppliers of industrial and environmental machinery such as pumps, valves, end face mechanical seals, automation, and services to the power, oil, gas, chemical and other industries.

HI-FAB Engineers Pvt. Ltd., was established in 1982 by a team of young technocrats having many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and troubleshooting Mechanical Seals. HI-FAB has earned a reputation for offering some of the most progressive, innovative and proven fluid sealing solutions to the processing industry.

LEAK-PACK is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a complete range of Mechanical seal and Sealing components with innovative technology for Pumps, Agitators, Mixers, Vacuum Pumps, Blenders, Reactors, Blowers, Pharmaceutical Machinery and Rotating equipment. Its product range includes Pusher Seals, Non-Pusher Seals, Rubber Bellow Seals, PTFE (Teflon) Bellow Seals, Metal Bellows Seals, Dry Running Seals, Agitator Seals, Split Seals and Seal Support Systems. One of the best mechanical seal manufacturers in India.

It specializes in providing solutions to all types of leakages by manufacturing Mechanical Seals and Sealing Components as per the customer’s drawings, samples or requirements. It also specializes in refurbishing all types of Mechanical Seals.

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