advantage and disadvantage of mechanical seals

In the process industry, dependability of pivoting hardware’s is of most extreme significance, which depends on the capacity largely to keep away from spillage through shafts. These mechanical seals help in avoiding leakages. It is critical that clients/administrators appropriately keep up the mechanical seals. In this way, it is essential that an intensive utilitarian comprehension, establishment prerequisite and disappointments of mechanical seals.

Essential Functions of Mechanical Seals

The important function of a mechanical seal is to seal the opening where the pole enters the pump, avoiding liquid leakage. Originally mechanical seals were created to conquer the negative issues partnered with pressed stuffing boxes. Straightforward mechanical seals offered the other option to liquid spillage; none, minimum not distinguishable with the clear eye. Mechanical seals can deal with significantly higher temperatures and weights than at any other time and can meet zero resilience wrongful discharge benchmarks.

Main Advantages/Disadvantages of Mechanical Seals

A portion of the favourable position and disservice of mechanical seals over customary packings and lip seals are recorded underneath.

Main Advantage

  1. It handles a wide range of liquids including acids, salts and rough particles.
  2. Long working life.
  3. Mechanical seal handle marginally misaligned/non-concentric
  4. The operation of does not bring about shaft wear.
  5. Shaft condition is not basic
  6. Handle Bi-directional shaft revolution, huge weight, temperature and speed trips.
  7. A positive fixing for sustenance preparing, dangerous chemicals and radioactive liquids.


  • It requires more space than outspread lip seals.
  • Mechanical Seals cannot normally deal with pivotal end play.
  • Sealing countenances must be done smooth (0.08 to 0.4 micrometer) and can get effectively harmed.
  • High beginning expense.

Single mechanical seal


Almost 90% single mechanical seal are installed on regular basis. For the most part in single mechanical seals, the pumped liquid ought to be cool, not unpredictable, have great lubricity, not contain rough or broke down solids. The single seal is the most conservative fixing gadget among mechanical seals as it has the least number of parts. Assist by, and large pumping liquid is utilised for seal grease. If the pumped liquid is not tasteful as a fixing liquid, a helper liquid can be infused over the seal confront.


The impediments with single mechanical seals are that if seal spills there is no move down accessible. Likewise, framework disturb causes the glimmering of fluid and blazing causes harm of appearances.

Double Mechanical Seal


A few liquids are not perfect with a double mechanical seal pumps. Regularly these fluids convey rough material in suspension that would quickly wear the seal faces, or the fluid might be destructive and dangerous. There are two answers for this issue. One is the use of natural controls, and the other is the utilisation of multiple seals or double mechanical seals.


One of the inconveniences of a double mechanical seal pump is its low weight constraint. If the end compels applied on the seal confront surpasses that farthest point, the greasing up film between the countenances is crushed out and soon the appearances get pulverised. This issue is overcome by balancing seals.

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