Agitator seal types

Mechanical seals for agitators are of great use across diverse industries. It is used to completely seal the rotating components of the machinery with the static ones of an agitator or mixer. The role is simple yet important since it restricts the flow in radial or axial gaps.

These seals can be fitted either at the bottom or at the top, depending on the process involved in the machinery, and are attached to the exterior part.

The agitator seals are broadly categorized into two types, and we will be discussing both in detail to understand them better based on various factors.

  1. Agitator Unbalanced/Balanced Single Mechanical Seals

These seals are factory assembled and dynamically tested by the manufacturer with various types of agitators. It facilitates independent rotation in all directions. The bearing of this seal face protects and ensures smooth movement.

They fit exteriorly at the bottom, side, and top entry without any issues. With a cooling jacket, the temperatures remain lower, facilitating a longer shelf-life of the machinery. Major seals are made of ceramic, carbon, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, etc. These agitator seals are appropriate in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food processing units
  • Non-toxic media processes
  • Beverage companies
  1. Agitator unbalanced/balanced double mechanical seals

As the name suggests, double mechanical seals comprise two seal faces that enhance the machinery’s productivity. The major benefits of using the double seals are:

  • The complete seal eliminates leakage of hazardous components involved during the process.
  • Maximum seal shelf-life due to no external contamination
  • In case of issues with one seal, the other serves as a backup leading to better productivity and planning of the repair process.
  • These are useful in agitators that involve very high pressures.

With such precision and safety, an increasing number of companies are now opting for double seals. Some industries that use these seals extensively are:


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