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Two sealing technologies are prevalent; pump packing and mechanical seals. Engineers choose one of them as per the needs and expectations in a particular application.

Which one is more effective and efficient for your agitator or pump application?

In light of the improvements happened in the mechanical sealing technology in recent years, seals are surely better than packing.

The invention of cartridge and split mechanical seals reduced the complication of installation.

Thus, the time has come that operations should come out of their preconceived notions and sheer habits and adapt mechanical seals.  It will reduce operational overheads and provide a better return, for sure.

Based on applications, budgets, and operational priorities, mechanical seals are a better choice.

Situations where a mechanical seal is the right choice

At times, the mechanical seal is the only right sealing option without any comparison.

Take an example where the pumped fluid has some environmental or health or safety hazard. In such a case, no packing can assure 100% leak-free performance.

A double mechanical seal will make it 100% leak-proof and safe. It will not allow even the leakage of invisible vapors as well.

Here is a list of situations one must replace packing with high-quality mechanical seals.

  • Reliability of the process: When reliability is the primary aspect, a mechanical seal is always the best choice. Even if the investment is high, it is worth in the long term. By choosing the right seal vendor, you can pick the most appropriate seal. Not only that, you get installation and maintenance support also.
  • Leakage loss is to be minimum: A standard packing has some leakage always. It could be a lot if the application has a very costly fluid. Remember, a small leakage could cause tremendous loss if it happens for many days, weeks, or months. Hence, the best thing is to switch to mechanical seals that are 100% safe and keep the leaking loss to the minimum level.
  • When the maintenance is costly: Suppose you get the standard packing system installation at a low cost, but the maintenance cost is high, then it is not a value proposition. You should consider a mechanical seal, which requires almost zero maintenance cost.

There are situations where the bearing fails earlier than expected. You have to replace packing in such a situation even if it is new. In a mechanical seal, you will never have this condition.

Thus, a mechanical seal is a far better option than conventional packing.

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