Long Life of Mechanical Seal Pump

It is quite important to maintain a mechanical seal pump for achieving the maximum output. The performance degradation is caused when the seal face gets worn out or damaged.

In the former case, replacing seal is the easiest way. If the latter case, you need to diagnose the actual problem which is damaging the seal.

Statistics say that the rate of seal failure is the highest amongst the overall failures reported by a pump. To understand the real reason for damage; every minute detail should be recorded in the operating condition report.

Tips to keep all mechanical seal pumps workable

  1. Make sure you minimize vibrations

A pump system is prone to fluctuation due to various reasons. When the vibrations transmit through the impeller to the mechanical seal, the performance of a pump shifts away from the best efficiency point.

When a pump operates near the critical speed, large scale vibrations occur which is fatal for the health of a mechanical seal pump.

Excessive vibrations can cause the breakdown of lubricating film stiffness. It also causes fatigue failure of the welds.

Vibrations loosen the driver collar set screws. It causes a loss of the torque transmission on the rotating components.

  1. Lubrication failure

The seal face lubrication is a critical element for the performance of a pump. When it operates away from BEP, the fluid comes out and causes face to face contact of seal faces.

As a result, there is an increase in temperature and friction. The seal degrades and fails eventually. Failing of lubrication stops the pump.

To achieve a long life of a pump, always ensure that it doesn’t run dry. Nowadays, the dry run monitoring system is available to avoid an accidental dry run.

  1. Use a dual seal system

In a dual seal system, two sets of seal faces are installed as the enclosed seal unit. In the dual seal, the lubrication is maintained inside using a self-circulating fluid.

It ensures that the contaminated fluid doesn’t get leaked into the seal. Also, it keeps the lubricating seal faces cool and clean. The dynamic nature of mechanical seal makes it the first thing to fail when the system fails.

In short, regular maintenance keeps the mechanical seal pump in the pink of its health. Not only it keeps the pump operational but ensures 100% efficiency.

The tips mentioned in this blog will be helpful in keeping all mechanical seal pumps workable year after year.

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