mechanical seals need to evolve with rotating equipment

Mechanical seals offer sealing at the point of entry or exit of a rotating shaft. Why is it an essential element of the shaft? It is because seals prevent the leakage of one high pressure fluid into a low-pressure fluid in the mechanical process.

The safety and health guidelines in the industrial environment become more stringent nowadays. There is a great focus on the improved efficiency of the process equipment today. No wonder the engineers are forced to develop more reliable and predictable mechanical seals that give high performance.

Particularly, pressurized rotating equipment are required to consider performance more than other equipment.

Also, the design emphasis on rotating equipment now focuses on high performance parameters because the seals are supposed to run under grueling work conditions.

Evolution in the past century

There have been significant changes happened in the rotating equipment technology in the past 100 years. Now every part has become larger and efficient than ever, whether it is turbine, compressor, pump, engine, gearbox, or generator.

Whether it is single-stage operation or multi-stage, split variation or non-split, every component has evolved.

Experts say that the remarkable gain in the efficiency, safety and performance of pumps has been made possible by evolution from braided packing seals to modern mechanical seals. This all has been possible only because of technical breakthrough.

In pump and rotary applications, mechanical seals are still the most-fitting solution, modern PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) rotary lip seals also play a role in solving the challenging radial sealing solutions.

Radial lip seals exclude unwanted contamination for a fraction of the cost and keep the lubrication to a mechanical seal. It improves the performance of the seal and extends its life further.

It is a fact that the rotating components never want attention in the mechanical process of operations. Take the example of a compressor. It always works relentlessly behind the screen. It is taken for granted until there is a change necessitated by a regulatory need, maintenance need, or competitive pressure.

There is another important aspect. The rotating equipment are supposed to comply with environmental regulations as well. The increasing demands for higher speed, pressure and temperature have to be fulfilled without compromising the environmental standard compliance.

Remember, the success of a pump application largely depends on the proper configuration of the seal. Though the seals have been evolved and improved a lot, it is essential to pay attention on its health.

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