Best Rotary Union Manufacturers in India

A rotary union, also known as a rotary joint or rotating union, is a mechanical device that allows the transfer of fluid or gas between stationary & rotating components. It is used when there is a need for a continuous flow of fluid or gas between stationary and rotating parts of a machine or system.

Rotary unions are commonly used in various industries and applications, including manufacturing, processing, and transportation. They enable the transfer of liquids, gases, or mixtures such as air, water, hydraulic fluids, coolant, steam, oil, and other media.

The rotary union market in India refers to the industry and market dynamics related to the manufacturing, distribution, and usage of rotary unions within the country. Rotary unions find applications in various sectors and industries in India like manufacturing, energy, automotive, packaging, rubber, plastics, steel, printing and more.

There are several reputable rotary union manufacturers in India known for their high-quality products and reliable performance. Here are some of the best rotary union manufacturers in India & Worldwide:


1. Deublin Company

Deublin is a leading manufacturer of rotating unions and slip rings. They provide rotary unions for various industries, including automotive, steel, paper, printing, and packaging. Deublin’s products are known for their durability and advanced sealing technology.


LEAK-PACK is one of the best manufacturers of cutting-edge rotary unions in India. They precisely manufacture rotary unions for all types of liquids and air in accordance with the latest technology. The company offers a wide range of rotary unions at the market leading prices to widely spread clients.

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3. Kadant Johnson

Kadant Johnson is a globally recognized manufacturer of rotary unions and fluid handling systems. They offer a wide range of rotary unions suitable for different applications, including steam, water, thermal oil, air, and hydraulic fluids.

4. Duff-Norton

Duff-Norton specializes in the production of high-quality rotary unions and rotary joints. They offer a comprehensive range of rotary unions suitable for different media, pressures, and speeds. Micro Seals’ products are widely used in industries such as textiles, plastics, chemicals, and food processing.

5. Roto Flow

Roto Flow is one of the leading rotary union manufacturers and exporters in India & over the World with innovative technologies for stationary supply lines to rotating equipment. They manufacture rotary unions through superior raw materials, simple designs, and advanced machinery in accordance with international standards and testing procedures also carefully inspect and test all products. They supply and export a wide range of rotary unions with good packing reasonable prices and timely delivery.

6. Beston Seals

Beston Seals India specializes in the design and manufacturing of rotary unions and rotary joints. They provide customized solutions for various industries, including steel, paper, rubber, textiles, and plastics. Rotary Engineering India’s products are known for their reliability and precision engineering.

7. Christian Maier GmbH

Christian Maier is a trusted manufacturer of rotary unions, precision rotary joints, and other fluid handling products. They offer a diverse range of rotary unions for applications involving air, water, steam, oil, and other media. Christian Maier’s products are known for their robust construction and efficient performance.

These manufacturers have a proven track record in producing high-quality rotary unions and serving diverse industries. However, it is always recommended to conduct further research, evaluate specific requirements, and consider factors like pricing, customer support, and industry reputation before making a final decision on the best manufacturer for your specific needs.

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