Three Benefits of Switching from Packing to Mechanical Seals

Many industrial procedures can enhance sustainability, water usage and energy proficiency and diminish environmental effects while trimming operating costs.

Included in these procedures is rotating equipment, especially centrifugal pumps, which signify a substantial proportion of the equipment in precise industrial manufacturing and explicit processing operations.

Furthermore, sealing systems are significant in sustaining pump effectiveness, consistency, energy consumption, water usage and regulation of emissions to the surrounding environment. 

A Switch to Mechanical Seals

Transforming from compression packing to a mechanical seal can essentially enhance your site’s sustainability and environmental effect. 

Mechanical seals need a lower water and energy requirement and considerably trim down leakage, making them more resourceful at comprehending unpredictable or unsafe fluids, aqueous solutions, and slurry suspensions.

Mechanical seals also don’t need sustenance and maintenance once they are precisely installed. Here are the benefits of accepting mechanical seals from packing.

  • Reduce Water Consumption, and its Leakage Issues

Mechanical seals need less flush water to be inserted into the seal chamber when matched to compression packing.

Abrasive pumping usages place forward a fundamental challenge to compression packing, as considerable volumes of water are inserted into the stuffing box to avert harm to the shaft sleeve and packing rings.

A mechanical seal developed for abrasive services needs a minor section of this water volume to run.

  • Trim Down Power Consumption

The amount of power needed to steer a mechanical seal is up to 80% less than compression packing as the seal faces have less frictional energy losses due to the enormously specific mating amid the stationary and rotating elements. This scenario leads to a reduction in flush water when matched to compression packing.

  • Supreme and Utmost Sealing Safety

Developed to ensure thoroughgoing sealing security and safety, dual mechanical seals are characteristically well-defined as a single assembly comprising a pair of seals.

A cavity is developed amid the two seals and is filled with a block or shield fluid that splits the pumped liquid from the surrounding atmosphere as well as the environment.

Moving Forward

So, the environmental performance of procedures in all industrial domains is progressively coming under severe scrutiny, with sustainability, conservation of resources and condensed environmental pollution directly impacting the design and choice of equipment.

Dual mechanical seals enable nearly comprehensive control over the seal operating atmosphere and the fluid film that leads to lubrication of the seal faces.

The mechanical seals trim down the leakage right from the centrifugal pumps, leading to the switch of packing to mechanical seals.

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