4 Positive Benefits of Using Rubber Seals

Which seal gives you dependable and long-term performance? It is a rubber seal. Why?

  • It seals the opposite surfaces well.
  • It avoids water leakage.
  • It is free from corrosion and weathering.
  • It remains unaffected by water damage.

Not just that, a rubber seal prevents the loss of air or heat.  Statistics say that rubber can sustain extreme temperatures at both ends of the scale (minimum temperature -100 degrees Celsius and maximum temperature of 310 degrees Celsius).  It is the reason; rubber seals are popularly used in a wide spectrum of industries.

This blog discusses four big benefits brought by rubber seals.

#1 Rubber is durable

Rubber lasts longer than any other comparable medium. It absorbs pressure and makes the seal impervious. The more force is exerted upon it, its strength increases. The quality of maintaining integrity for a long time makes it the preferred medium.

It is the reason; you can see the rubber seals in the maximum installations.

#2 Rubber is malleable

It is a well-known thing that rubber is a highly malleable material. You can mold it into any shape and size with the least efforts. Hence, it is a popularly used material in various industrial equipment, machines, and tools.

Whether you make a standard O ring seal or any other bespoke design, rubber is sufficiently versatile and capable of satisfying the needs of industrial applications.

#3 Rubber is non-toxic

Yes, this is an important characteristic of a rubber. It is a non-toxic material. Hence, it does not affect any of the substances taking part in the process. Thus, purity is not compromised. It does not put any harmful effects on the environment as well.

Rubber does not have any odor or fragrance. Therefore, it is considered ideal for any industrial process, especially in the food and pharma industries.

#4 Rubber is compatible with sterilization methods

When you want to sterilize the equipment before the process takes place, the rubber is an ideal medium. All types of sterilization methods can be applied on rubber without any issue:

  • Dry heat sterilization
  • Steam autoclaving
  • Use of gamma rays
  • Electron beams

This quality makes rubber useful in processes that need high levels of cleanliness. Its tolerance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures are suitable for all types of processing needs.

The rubber prevents the escape of gas or liquid from the connected pipes. It can be blended with other materials to make sturdier and better seals.

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