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Things to know about Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seal

Rubber bellow mechanical seal developed with rubber bellow are mainly used for water, oils and light duties applications. The rubber bellow seal is single acting and independent of direction of rotation.

These types of seals have a unique rubber bellow as an inferior seal with the self aligning features which help in compensating the abnormal shaft and run-out to provide long service life. The rubber bellows protect the shaft or sleeve from fretting.

Special materials can be offered to meet customer requirements. This seals are comfortable to use in wide range of applications. Parts which can identified for such rubber bellow seals is a rotary face, a stationary face, Elastomer, bellow, spring and other hardware’s.

Types of Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seal

  • LPS-141-U

LPS-141-U series is single coil spring unbalanced Mechanical Seal developed with rubber bellow for Water, Oils & Light duties applications. The seal is single acting and independent of direction of rotation. 

  • LPS-001-U & LSP-012-U

LPS-001-U & LSP-012-U series are developed with RUBBER BELLOW for Water, Oils & Light duties applications. Rubber Bellow seal is single acting and independent of direction of rotation. 

Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seals Characteristics

Rubber bellow mechanical seals are unbalanced, single acting with optimum strength and come with robustness. Spring design seal are used for duel-direction of shaft rotation. Bellow design seals are utilized for pressure support and elimination of folds. They are independent of direction of rotation and torque transmission by Elastomer bellow.

Advantages of Rubber Bellow Seals

  • Low cost as it is produced in large mass around the world
  • No sliding Elastomer or O-ring. Nothing to “hang up” on the shaft
  • Easy to install: There are seldom any measurements to make or set screws to tighten to the shaft.
  • Most designs are being sited next to the shaft shoulder, or linked to the shoulder cast right into the impeller. It is therefore easily pushed on to the shoulder
  • Availability: You can purchase these seals from a variety of manufacturers, distributors and bearing houses. Distributors have the replacement charts that will reference your present seal and propose an equivalent design
  • No shaft or sleeve fretting: When installed properly the seal cannot fret or damage a shaft or sleeve because there is no relative movement between the rubber boot and shaft or sleeve.

The material of construction generally of rubber seals comprises of the following

  • Seal Ring Faces: Cabon, SiC and TC
  • Seat Faces: NiR, Ceramic, SiC and TC
  • Elastomer: Viton, Neoprene, EPDM, NBR and Buna-N
  • MOC: SS 304 / SS 316

Applications of Rubber Bellow Seals

  • Sewage applications
  • Waste water pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Fuel injection pumps
  • Hot & cold-water pumps


Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seals are majorly utilized in waste water treatment plants for different applications. Due to its condensed design it can be effortlessly mounted.

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