Mechanical seals becoming important

The Importance of Mechanical Seals

In a pump or machine, mechanical seal plays a vital role. It prevents the fluid entering into the electrical system which can cause damage to it.

If you look at the variety of seals, then you have an extensive list; balanced seal, unbalanced seal, rotating seal, stationary seal, vertically mounted, horizontally mounted and so on.

Amongst all, the rotating seal is most commonly used when the component that the spring seal holds rotates with the shaft.

Types of mechanical seals

The stationary seal is used when the component that the spring seal holds remains stationary in the gland plate.

An unbalanced seal is used when the spring pressure pushes the faces of the seal apart due to the wedge-shaped force is created by the stuffing box.

A balanced seal is useful when the spring pressure and face load reduce, and the stuffing box pressure closes the seal faces.

It is important that the quality of the different mechanical seal is outstanding. Also, the appropriate seal should be selected that suits the function.

Benefits of using the right seal

It is needless to mention that stopping the liquid from entering into the vital electrical system is a critical function of mechanical seals. They keep the pump functioning in a leak-free manner.

Mechanical seals are far more superior and efficient than packing seals.

Here are some unique benefits:

  • When there is a fewer fluid loss in the machine, the chances of pump failure are rare. Hence, you save on repair and maintenance costs. It reduces operating cost.
  • Seals prevent accidents happening due to the sudden leakage of the fluid. Also, they reduce the probability of incidents of falling and slips. If the pump houses toxic chemicals, then the seal reduces the chances of leakage.  Thus, mechanical seals ensure higher safety in operations.

Though there is a minimal leakage, it is acceptable if it is half a tablespoon in 24 hours under the normal operating conditions. Experts call it ‘healthy leakage”. It is not visible leak. Usually machines condense and recapture the lost air.

Due to the unique mechanism, the inboard spring, mechanical seals have the capability of adjusting to several faces of wear. Therefore, the seal works normally, and the need for daily maintenance also reduces.

Today, mechanical seals have replaced all other seals because of their high efficiency and performance. Good-quality seals require less maintenance. They work relentlessly; year after year.

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