Single & Double Mechanical Seals

Single Vs. Double Mechanical Seals

A mechanical seal is a particular part that seals a modern machine together, particularly when associating pivoting parts with stationary parts. These vital little gadgets are essential in guaranteeing that there is no spillage between the external condition and the inside of a mechanical blender. Mechanical seals come in two primary sorts: single mechanical seal and double mechanical seal.

About single mechanical seal

Each single mechanical seal comprises a spring holding together two surfaces, layered level. These surfaces are intended to slide against each other and have a thin film between them to lessen the destructive grinding that would some way, or another destroy the mechanical seal. A nonappearance of this liquid film (dry running of the pump) brings about frictional warmth and extreme demolition of the mechanical seal.

Mechanical seals tend to release a vapour from the high weight side to the low weight side. The liquid grease up the seal confront and retains the warmth created from the related rubbing, which crosses the seal confronts as a fluid and vaporises into the air. Thus, if the pumped item postures almost no hazard to nature, it’s normal practice to bring into action the single mechanical seal

About double mechanical seal

A double mechanical seal comprises of two seals orchestrated in an arrangement.  With a double mechanical seal, there is both an essential seal to contain the substance of the pump inside and an optional seal to guarantee that no overabundance liquid breaks into the outer climate. A twofold mechanical seal can be masterminded either eye to eye or consecutive.

The inboard, or “essential seal” keeps the item contained inside the pump lodging. The detachable, or “auxiliary seal” keeps the flush fluid from spilling into the climate.

Double mechanical seals are offered in two courses of action :

  • Two pivoting seal rings are organised confronting far from each other. The greasing up film is produced by the hindrance liquid. This course of action is ordinarily found in the synthetic business. If there should arise an occurrence of spillage, the hindrance fluid infiltrates the item.
  • This is a well-known decision for the sustenance business, especially for items, which tend to stick. The spring stacked rotational seal appearances are masterminded up close and personal and slide the other way to maybe a couple of stationary seal parts. If the item is viewed as “hot”, the hindrance fluid goes about as a cooling operator for the mechanical seal. If there is an increase in spillage occurrence, the hindrance fluid infiltrates the item.

Double Mechanical Seal Pumps are ordinarily utilised as a part of the accompanying conditions :

  • If the liquid and its vapours are perilous to the administrator or condition and MUST be contained
  • At high weights or temperatures when forceful media is used
  • For many polymerising, sticky media


Are you still inclined towards using your pumps? A qualified architect will help you choose which sort of mechanical seal is best for your application.

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