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The step-by-step process to replace a mechanical seal on a water pump

What makes the water move through the plumbing system when you use a centrifugal pump? It is the concept of centrifugal force.

In this pump, a shaft spins at incredible speed and rotates an impeller. Thus, a vacuum is created through centrifugal force which pulls water.

To prevent the water from entering into the electrical system; a mechanical seal is installed centrifugal pump behind the impeller.

When there is damage to the seal due to wear and tear, it becomes mandatory to replace it. To perform the task, you must open the pump system and remove the impeller from the shaft. Know the processes for how to replace a mechanical seal on a water pump.

Here is a step-by-step process to achieve the task:

Disconnect the pump first

Before doing anything, disconnect the pump first. Turn off the power and disconnect the pump from the electrical system. You need to ensure that there is no possibility of the pump starting up while you change the seal.

You should cut the plumbing tube which is connected to the centrifugal pump. Use a saw to cut it. Take the pump in a bigger workspace.

Unscrew the bolts and take the pump out

Using a wrench, unscrew the pump bolts around the housing. Remove the motor from the wet end. You need to put the wrench over the motor shaft. Open the impeller by turning anticlockwise off the shaft.

Remove the seal

Take the piece of the seal from the back of the impeller. Now slide the remaining portion of the seal off the shaft. It is the time when you should keep the new seal handy.

Replace the seal

Take the new seal and place it on the shaft. Slide the seal gently along the shaft without touching the front face of it. The seal may not function well if the face gets body oil on the face. Hence, utmost precaution is needed.

Put everything in place again

The task of replacing the mechanical seal is over. Now it is the time to assemble everything. Use the wrench to hold the shaft. Screw the impeller onto the motor shaft of the pump.

Align the bolt holes on the motor and wet side of the pump. Insert the bolts first. Take the wrench and secure the pump ends together.

Place the pump in the original position. Place the plumbing and secure it using glue and primer. Let it dry well before using the pump.

Make the electrical connection. The pump is ready again!

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