What is the difference between a mechanical seal and a valve?

What is the best sealing solution for the pump or agitator? As the sealing technology improves, you get more options than ever before. The default sealing methods are gland or packing seals or valves. But mechanical seal provide several operational benefits.

What is the difference between a mechanical seal and a valve?

Packing seals have been widely used as a sealing solution for several years. Packing seals use a material that is like rope, which is wrapped around the shaft of a pump. It fills in dead space and minimizes fluid loss. However, after some time, fluid loss increases as the valve wears.

It impairs proper lubrication and reduces ease-of-replacement needed to function properly.

Mechanical seals are preferred over this traditional method of the valve.  As packing seals in diverse applications, it avoids leakage problems.  Mechanical seals are more durable than valves.

They are designed to take much more pressure. Basic mechanical seals have several sealing points. Therefore, the possibility of any leaking issue gets eliminated.

In this sealing mechanism, one sealing point stays fixed. The other one rotates with the shaft. To prevent fluid leakage,  a V-ring, or O-ring or wedge is used.

When Should You Use Mechanical Seals?

Mechanical seals are the ideal choice when for an application or equipment, seal leakage is not an option.

For example, in the case when there could be safety hazards or environmental problems due to pump leakage.

Compared to valves, mechanical seals are much more durable in such applications. They are the better choice for long-term operation of the pump.

Though mechanical seals are costlier than packing seals, they are a good investment because you save the costs of constant repairing and replacement of packing seal.

When considering valve vs mechanical seal solutions, mechanical seals are the best. They have the least sleeve damage. Packing seals are removed and replaced more frequently than mechanical seal. Therefore, a considerable wear and tear to the pumps. It is because every time you need to disassemble and reassemble the pump.

What is the criterion for selection?

When choosing the sealing option which will be right for your applications and solve your purpose, a mechanical seal and valves offer both positive aspects and negative aspects.

You can search our list of seals and gaskets to find the solution that will solve your purpose the best.

Whether your decision is based on selecting a solution that is most economical or the highest quality, you need to weigh solutions.

Pick one that is most economical, and meets your application.

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