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Advantages of Cartridge Mechanical Seal

A wide range of cartridge mechanical seals is provided by manufacturers and distributors. These single and double seals are used in the most demanding applications.

All reputed  mechanical seal suppliers claim to have the best on-time delivery performance. The catalog of off-the-shelf seals can fulfill the needs of the majority of applications.

For peculiar and specific needs, they can provide seals made per specifications.  Suppliers can replace competitor seals. They can design seals for specific pumps or specific processes related to pumping.

To ensure the quality of the product; clients are asked to mention requirement specs correctly. Since each pumping requirement is unique, the designers should know what is required by the client.

What would you check before making the selection? You need to check the type of liquid or fluid to be pumped. Also check the temperature, pressure, and nature of it. Do not forget to read the environment and safety regulations.

Cartridge mechanical seal-the proven design

When you use cartridge mechanical seal, a guaranteed reliability improvement you get. Here are a few top benefits of using cartridge mechanical seals:

  • Since the seals are pre-assembled and pressure tested, there is quite less possibility of performance errors.
  • The seal faces do not get damaged during installation. You don’t need to set spring compression or measure it.
  • Since the complicated setting is not required during the installation, it is quite convenient as compared to conventional seals.
  • The maintenance requirement is pretty less that makes it cost-effective.
  • Because of tangential tapping causes leas disturbance to the seal face as compared to the radial tapping which is a common choice.

It is the modern and smart alternative

Cartridge mechanical seals are composite units that contain sleeve, seal and gland plate. It is a ready-to-use, built-in assembly that doesn’t need any fitting further.

It overcomes the fitting problems, a big reason mechanical engineers like it. Whether it is single or double, the gland plate has different tapings.

These tapings are useful for injecting cooling water or flushing. It is also for disaster control.

The only problem that a cartridge mechanical seal has is that the available space gets further reduced because of its components.

Amongst the benefits, the prominent one is it removes the need for seal setting measurement when you install it. Therefore, you save on expenses required for maintenance or setting. Nowadays, best in the class pumps recommend the use of cartridge seals.

Yes, there is a downside of cartridge seals. It is relatively costlier than other alternatives. Also, they may not fit properly in the existing seal housing or stuffing box.


When you choose seal type, three things take precedence; reliability, emission standards, and the cost of managing its lifecycle.

Cartridge mechanical seals fulfill the standards up to a great extent. Amongst the single cartridge mechanical seal and double cartridge mechanical seal variants, the latter one is more popular.

Choose the right type of seal so that you get incredible output. Ask experts about the specification if you do not know about it.

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